Why do moon cakes often have salted duck eggs?

Moon cake is one of the indispensable traditional dishes in the Mid-Autumn Festival. A special feature of mooncakes is the filling inside, and in many cases, the filling is made from salted duck eggs. So why has salted duck eggs become an indispensable part of mooncakes? Let's explore the reason behind this combination.

Traditional and Cultural Values: Mooncakes have their roots in the Mid-Autumn Festival tradition of the Chinese, and salted duck eggs are an important part of their culture and cuisine. Salted duck eggs are usually processed by salting for a long time, creating a characteristic and delicious taste. The combination of moon cakes and salted duck eggs becomes a symbol of the connection with the people's traditions and culture.

Symbolic properties: Salted duck eggs also carry a special symbolic meaning. Salted duck eggs are long-preserved inside the earth, symbolizing protection and longevity. When salted duck eggs are placed in the filling of moon cakes, it becomes a symbol of peace, longevity and protection for family and loved ones. Thus, the use of salted duck eggs in Mooncakes also carries customs and beliefs, linking people together in this important festival.

Special taste: Salted duck eggs have a characteristic taste, bitter sweet and salty that cannot be mixed with any other ingredients. When salted duck eggs are used as a filling for mooncakes, it creates a harmonious combination between the rich flavor of the filling and the distinctive taste of salted duck eggs. This contrast creates a unique and enjoyable culinary experience when enjoying mooncakes.

Brings good luck and meaning: Salted duck eggs are also seen as a symbol of good luck and continue a special tradition in many cultures. It is believed that eating salted duck eggs during the Mid-Autumn Festival brings good luck and peace to the family. In addition, sharing moon cakes containing salted duck eggs also means blessing and giving good luck to the recipient.

With the above reasons, salted duck eggs have become a traditional and important ingredient in moon cakes. Not only has cultural and symbolic meaning, but also creates a unique flavor and brings good luck to those who enjoy it. Having salted duck eggs in mooncakes not only adds flavor and richness, but also preserves and inherits the precious values of tradition and culture.