Moon Cake Filled with Salted Egg Cheese - Sweet, Salty and Aromatic Mix

Moon cake is one of the indispensable traditional dishes in the Mid-Autumn Festival of Vietnamese people. In addition to the traditional fillings of green beans and lotus seeds, the bakers always try to create new and innovative fillings to serve customers with different culinary tastes. Among the varieties of mooncakes, the cheese and salted egg tarts are a fusion of local traditions and of the East and the West.

To create unique salted egg cheese mooncakes, the chefs combined the sweet, salty and fatty blend of cheese salted eggs. With a golden crust, fragrant with butter, these moon cakes are attractive at first sight. Inside, the cake is a perfect combination of delicious salted egg yolk and soft cheese layer.

To make a Mooncake with Salted Egg Cheese we need to prepare the following ingredients.


240g flour (specifically 120g pastry flour with 8% protein and 120g bread flour with 11% protein)

160g cake sugar water

1 egg yolk (18 - 20g)

30g peanut oil or you can also use regular cooking oil

10g peanut butter (about 2 teaspoons full)

¼ teaspoon cinnamon apricot wine

Cake filling


salted duck egg.

How to make moon cake shell

To make the delicious, soft, and delicious baked mooncake crust, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Mix moon cake dough

Sift the flour finely into the bowl. Then, make a small hole in the middle of the flour and put the ingredients: baking sugar, egg yolk, peanut oil, peanut butter, five-spice powder in this hole.

Use a spatula to gently stir in a circle or spiral to combine the ingredients.

Next important step. Salted eggs are processed before, then the egg yolks are steamed or baked. and mixed with grated cheese. The combination of these two ingredients creates a special mixture, bringing the sweetness of salted egg yolks and the fatty taste of cheese. The filling mixture is placed into the pre-made crust and carefully packaged to preserve the flavor.

Stir continuously until the ingredients are combined, then gently knead the dough with your hands into a smooth, uniform mass. The dough will be slightly wet at this point.

If you find the dough too dry and friable, you should add more cooking oil or sugar water. On the contrary, if you find the dough is too soft, you should add more flour to ensure good dough quality, moderate flexibility, not too loose nor too hard.

Next, cover the dough with plastic wrap or wax paper and let the dough rest at room temperature for 30-45 minutes.

Step 2: Prepare to multiply

Salted egg yolks are steamed or baked with aromatic wine, to match the cheese filling, you can add a little olive oil or oregano leaves. Wrap the egg filling inside the cheese. Divide each employee equally

Step 3: Wrap the filling and close the cake into the mold

After the rest period, the dough is quite pliable and less sticky so it is ready for baking. You continue to make the mooncake crust as follows:

Use the scale to divide the dough into small portions corresponding to the number of prepared cake fillings. If you make a lot of cakes, you should prepare a damp cloth or nylon to cover the dough during the baking process, to prevent the dough from drying out.

Wrap the cake: Wash your hands and dry them, then take a little flour and rub them evenly on both hands. Then, take some dough and roll it into a circle.

Using a rolling pin (which is already covered with a thin layer of flour), gently flatten the dough, the edge of the dough should be slightly thicker than the middle. You should not roll too wide, just enough to cover about ⅔ of the kernel.

Place the filling in the center and then gently press the dough with the filling from the bottom up. You knead and pull the dough so that the edge of the shell completely covers the filling.

You can put the cake between your index finger and thumb to squeeze and stroke the crust close to the cake. At the same time, use the thumb and index finger of the other hand to stroke the edge of the dough to cover all the filling above. You should seal and blur the edges of the dough.

If there is air in between the core and the shell, use a toothpick to poke this gas out and then seal it.

Do the same with the rest of the staff.

When the moon cake is finished, we bake it in the oven to make sure the cake is cooked evenly and the crust is golden. The aroma of salted egg tarts fills the space, creating an irresistible sense of attraction. When the cakes have cooled, they will be carefully packed in beautiful boxes, ready to give to relatives, friends and colleagues during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Moon cake with salted egg and cheese is a meaningful and unique gift, surely cheese lovers cannot ignore this filling. The special taste of the cake brings a wonderful enjoyment experience to everyone. It is a blend of sweet, salty and fatty flavors, creating a wonderful combination in every piece of moon cake.