Unlike Hanoi, Saigon only has 2 seasons, Rain - Sunny, so you will not feel the cold of autumn, the scent of lotus flowers, the scent of nuggets or the golden sunshine of honey color. Saigon marks autumn with the smell of baked mooncakes, the smell of soft cakes, the sun is not honey-colored, but the streets are dyed red with lanterns. People in the South want to send to the North a little bit of sunshine to warm up, while people outside the North want to send to the South the new smell of rice, the smell of peaceful rice fields through Vong village's flat rice dish.

Vong village com is made from yellow-flowered sticky rice, which is young rice, but not too young for fear of breaking it, nor too old because it will harden and lose its taste. Proving that the stage of choosing rice to make nuggets has shown the long-term experience of rice growers, just looking at the rice flower, they know when to pick to make delicious and fragrant nuggets. The process of making nuggets also goes through many meticulous stages.

Respectfully cherishing each grain of nuggets, Tipreca cake house uses that flat rice as a filling for moon cakes. Bringing the autumn characteristic of Hanoi, respectfully wrapped in a mooncake, let Saigon people know about Hanoi's autumn, and let Hanoians who are far away from home remember when holding a mooncake filled with nuggets. countryside, remember the smell of sorghum, remember the golden color of sunshine like honey, remember the cold autumn, and remember the warm embrace of a lover in some autumn in memory.

Tipreca's bakery doesn't just want to make mooncakes with memories, or healing flavors. Those who are far from the countryside want to remember the brilliant autumn in their memories when holding a moon cake in their hands, they can see beautiful images, when cutting the moon cake, the gentle scent of nuggets emanates as if the wings have been opened. of entering a peaceful loving memory area, there is a fragrant rice field, in the distance there are a few pink lotus flowers, there are peaceful birds perched on a rice branch.

A moon cake is not only simple to enjoy the delicious, sweet taste but also gives us the feeling that we need to slow down, sit down, sip tea, ignore all the rush out there, ignore each other. mistakes.

Just sit down and sip a piece of rice-flavored mooncake so that we have a moment to stop and see how many simple but lovely moments we have missed.

Thank you for choosing Tipreca's nuggets mooncake, thank you for understanding what Tipreca wants to convey in the cake and thank you for feeling peaceful and relaxed when using Tipreca's nuggets moon cake.