In the street, shops hung signs to make moon cakes. Markets selling ingredients for mooncakes equally hectic.

The sisters and mothers at home also want to make their own lovely mooncakes with a personal impression such as mooncakes with their own logo to give to friends or loved ones.

Tipreca is a company specializing in the production of cakes with a team of professional bakers, winning high prizes in pastry contests in Singapore... would like to share the tips so that you can make these cakes. Delicious and unique mooncakes.

How to cook sugar water to make moon cake crust.

- People can choose granulated sugar, brown sugar or any type of sugar they like, can even use malt. The result will be different in the color of the sugar water, different dark light. For 1 kg of sugar, use 600g of water with half a lemon, 1 slice of pineapple. Cooking time for 2 hours on low heat. Only remove lemon with pineapple when cooking sugar water for 1 hour. Use the whole lemon peel to make the sugar water more attractive. When the sugar water darkens, stir vigorously, compare, test the drops of sugar in a cup of water and see that the sugar is not too thin and has not been rolled into a ball.

Sugar water should cook sugar water a few months or even a year before the moon cake will be more delicious and soft.

Flour for mooncake crust

All-purpose flour can be used, or flour 11 will be softer than flour 8.

For the mooncake shells with mixed fillings, Tipreca's family often adds a little soy sauce and sesame oil when mixing the crust

How to soak salted eggs

Cooking salted water to soak eggs in mooncakes, you should put in there ginger, anise, cinnamon, a little white wine, or cinnamon apricot wine and grain salt will taste better than dried salt. Tipreca's secret is that every 1 kg of salt will give 1 teaspoon of sugar. All boil, wait for it to cool, then put the washed eggs in and soak for 1-3 months to be used.

Bake cake

When baking mooncakes for the first time, take them out and wait for them to cool down. Tipreca's house usually covers them with a thin damp towel, rather than spraying water on them.

Here are a few tips when making moon cakes that Tipreca cake house wants to share.

In the process of making, it is possible that the finished moon cake may not be as expected, you can immediately call Tipreca's house to have the right moon cakes.

But note that Tipreca's mooncakes also have the following limitations.

- Tipreca's mooncakes have a sweet taste that does not leave a sharp aftertaste right after eating, for those who are passionate about bold sweetness, this sweetness may not be enough, but for those who like a gentle sweetness like If you smell the lotus early in the morning, Tipreca's moon cake will pamper the taste of these guests.

- The design of the moon cake is usually a template designed by the Tipreca family, so this template is not available in the market.

-Do not keep for too long because Tipreca's mooncakes have no preservatives, so the shelf life is short, so consumers should store them in the refrigerator when they buy them.

Wish you can make  beautyful moon cakes